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Trade Day competition winners

We would like to announce the winners from the recently held trade day at the store.

Congratulations to Caboolture Painters Gary Haywood and Jason Guy who took out the major prize of a HVLP and also to

Corey Platt. who one the Cricket cooler.


Thanks to everyone who attended the day and hope to see you all back next year.


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State of Origin - In store Promo.

North lakes ran a state of origin in store promo and one of our very loyal customers, Paul from PSC won two tickets to State of Origin game 1.

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Product training day.

The team at North lakes store along with some of the local painters recently held a training day which covered off our Ultimate seamless flooring and simply woodcare products. Below are some photos of the day.

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New product

Simply Woodcare Non-slip finish.

A slip resistant pre-mixed single pack clear coating that produces a moderate texture. Available in

Both water-based and solvent-based satin finish. The product maintains the complete visibility of the timber grain. The simple to apply interior finish requires the non - slip product to be applied as a final coat only in the simply woodcare interior flooring application system. Products comply with P4 slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials.

Ideal For: Stairs, walkways and interior timber flooring where a slip resistant finish is required.

Available in: Aqualac Floor and Easy Floor Satin. 



Designer Finish Range.

Have you tried any of the fantastic designer finish range, below are a range of finishes that can transform objects or whole walls in your house. Call into store for all the information you need to complete your project.

  • DesignerFinishesPatina

    Designer Finishes Oxidising Patina

    A beautiful finish also featured in the Haymes 2013 Colour Forecast palette is not only beautiful as a colour but also brings back beauty to objects that may have otherwise not survived the test of time.

  • DesignerFinishesRust

    Designer Finishes Real Iron Paint (Rust Finish)

    Rust finish is perfect for use on items or areas outdoors. Rust is such a beautiful natural look and because of the many variations of colour it creates, it has an almost velvet, textural quality to it. The rich and earthy feel that it emanates from a distance gives it the ultimate natural finish, with an aesthetic that is loved by many.

  • DesignerFinishesCopper

    Designer Finishes Real Copper Paint

    The beautiful, rich, earthy, metallic colour that is copper is understated and easily applied. There is no cross hatching or any other speciality application needed here, simply apply the finish smoothly to achieve a beautiful satin lustre look. Copper adds another dimension to a surface without having to be over the top.

  • DesignerFinishesSuede

    Designer Finishes Suede

    Chalky, stone, tactile – some of the words that are being used to describe a finish that is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. In its soft colour manner, it can add another quality to a plain wall, whilst simultaneously negating any need for rendering by effectively hiding imperfections. The soft and subtle nature of suede gives a somewhat washed look to a surface.



Carla Murley's Mid Century treasure

Successful milliner Carla Murley recently finished renovating her original 1960s Mid Century house with her husband Troy, and the result can only be described as a breathtaking architectural delight.

Carla and Troy share their eclectic home with their two children and Great Dane Lola in the beach side suburb of Beaumaris.

Many people saw the original house as a near impossible case, but from the first moment Carla spotted the house she saw its potential amongst the mustard shag pile and dust caked knitted curtains.

"I was just so inspired by the house. We have previously owned and restored a Mid-Century house in the area, so we could see it had great bones and a fantastic history to go with it. We owed it to the house to give it new life," Carla said.

Haymes Beaumaris145982

Retouched V1


Haymes Beaumaris149531

Everything Carla does is loaded with fierce passion and creativity. From her garden made out of 40-year-old agaves, to the art she hangs on the walls from the previous owner. 

"Troy and I believe that everything we use or put in our home should have a meaning, because everything has a history. The house up the road was getting demolished, so we spent hours digging up their unwanted aged agaves, and carting them down to our place."

We take inspiration from Palm Springs and the beach

"We wanted to stay true to the house and its history, but also tell our own story. Troy grew up in Sorrento, so for us this is our beach house. We are inspired by the timber of Palm Springs, but also the use of pop colour, which is clearly showcased in the choice of the asparagus coloured door!"

Carla uses colour to reinvigorate the spaces in her home when she feels it requires a new mood or feel. "Colour is the easiest way to change up a space, sometimes I might decide it needs a new feel when the next season sets in, or I’ll walk into a room one day and just pull everything out and start again. It could just be a few cushions or throw rug, but it's enough to make an impact."

Set down into the land, the home features clean lines and a masculine palette. "It was essential that the house had a bright, light and airy feel to it, so we couldn’t go past a fresh white with timber, but we also used charcoal to bring a hint of masculinity.’

Colours used were, Magnolia Moonlight, Organic 1, Red Earth, Eclipse and Asparagus.  

The best feature of our home is the Brokis Muffin lamp

The Czechoslovakian hand blown lamp is centrally positioned above the dining table, with a resident huntsman eating up any bugs that may sneak in.

"We sat on this decision for months, and in the end we just did it, because nothing would have compared in that spot. This is where our family mainly resides, this is our central spot, so we knew something truly amazing needed to go there.

Although I am also completely in love with the former owner’s studio, which is now the living room and features a massive cedar door."

Haymes Beaumaris151751

Haymes Beaumaris144001

Choosing colour for your home

"My advice would be to live in it first! We could never have made any of the colour choices we did straight away. After living in the house for a few months, we got a feel for it and then started making decisions. I’m pretty sure my front door would have been 10 different colours if I had of painted it straight away. Also listen to your painter, our painter guided us in many of the decisions we made."

I am inspired by people who give life to the old

"There is something truly beautiful about being able to see beyond what something looks like, and see what it could be again. Those are the people that inspire me every day." 

When looking around Carla’s house, this is truly evident in everything she does. Every room holds treasures with a history. Her eclectic style mixed with functional design, creates a fresh and original vibe. You can’t help but instantly feel at home when exploring her world.     

My next project looks like

"More Mid-Century Modern homes! If I could go and renovate every beautiful Mid-Century home and show people just how amazing they are, I would be happy. I can’t stand the idea of these beautiful homes that are so full of history and architectural significance, being pulled down."

Haymes Beaumaris145221

Haymes Beaumaris148501

Haymes Beaumaris151581

Haymes Beaumaris147471

 Haymes Beaumaris152201

 Photography by Eve Wilson



How To Choose Quality Paint

 Quality paint

Don’t compromise on quality on your next painting project by using cheap paint that has inferior product quality and finish.


The importance of using a quality paint

To most of us, quality paint is a paint that goes on easily, covers well and lasts a long time. However, since all paint looks pretty much the same in the can, finding the best quality paint can be a challenge. Both price and reputation are very good indicators of quality within a product line.

Simplistically, premium quality paint saves you work and money. If you only need to paint your house once every five years instead of every second year, you can see that paying even twice as much for quality paint in the long run will be less expensive both in terms of money and your effort. 

A can of quality paint will contain a higher volume of solid materials (including pigment and binder) than do ordinary paints. In the case of top quality acrylic paints, that means more solids and less water.

Therefore, if a top quality paint and an ordinary paint were applied at the same spread rate, the top quality paint would dry to a thicker paint film due to its higher solids content and provide you with better coverage. This can mean finishing the job with 2 coats instead of 3.

Higher quality paints will also have higher levels of premium pigment than lower quality paints. This makes them more chalk resistant on exterior exposure, providing better colour retention and durability. Higher quality paints stay looking good for longer.

One of the worst things about painting can be the mess that is made during application. By choosing high quality paints mess will be minimised and so clean up will be much quicker and easier.

How do you tell good quality paint from lesser quality when they're in the can?

It’s simple but true – you get what you pay for. When comparing paint quality within a single manufacturer’ paint line, price is the best way to compare. The higher-priced paint in the line will be better quality since a manufacturer will charge more for the quality ingredients in their paint.

Ask your local paint specialist?

Your local independent paint specialist is the first port of call to get expert advice on choosing the right paint.




 Customer Artwork Using Haymes

Below are a couple of art pieces created by one of North lakes customers who has used Haymes paint products with great effect. thanks for showing them to us.

IMG 2663IMG 2658



80 years

As we near the end of the year we thought we would end it by sharing what has been a milestone year for Haymes paint, celebrating 80 years of great Australian paint. Click on the link to follow the history of Haymes paint throughout the last 80 years


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Suitable for use with water-based and oil-based paints the Ecocare Brush & Roller Cleaner is a genuine environmentally responsible low VOC product that efficiently cleans and conditions brushes and rollers.
The effective conditioning properties of the product leaves an invisible surface active film on the brush bristles making subsequent cleaning easier and more time efficient whilst keeping the bristles soft and in pristine condition.
The Ecocare Cleaner can also be used to restore water-based and oil-based brushes requiring a neat solution and a longer dwell time. 

eco care soloution







Born in Ballarat in 1935, our family run business is now in the hands of the fourth generation of Haymes.

Over the years, each member has taken care to hand on the commitment and passion for crafting quality products. After all, it is our name and reputation on the can. Family Owned A But just because we have history, don't think we're stuck in our ways. We're driven to bring new and better products to market, ensuring you'll always have the best. We've already made advances like paint that self-primes, blocks stains, trim paint that has the benefits of an enamel but is low odour and water based, plus low/zero VOC coatings that don't compromise on quality. Keep an eye out for even more new and improved products to come.

Group pic 2010.2

We live and breathe our values of individuality, independence and integrity. It's why you can be sure we'll never treat you like a number, never take shortcuts with the quality of our products or our service and why you'll find us at exclusive paint retailers.

Haymes branded products aren't available in the big, corporate hardware stores. We choose to sell our products through independent retailers where we know the quality of personal service and advice matches the quality of our products.

Family Owned A



 New Haymes Eco Care wash up treatment system.
 Keep an eye out in store.
 Resilient moulded plastic
 Robust galvanised steel frame
 Complies with EPA guidelines for painting equipment clean-up
 Environmentally Responsible
 EPA Compliant
 Avoids ground paint stains
 Reduces water usage
 Portable and easy to use.

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Ask an Expert

Top Tips for DIY Deck and Woodcare Maintenance

DIY doesn’t have to be a disaster. Deck care and maintenance can be easy and achievable, as well as long lasting. All it takes is a few of the right tools, correct application and a little elbow grease to keep your outdoor entertaining area in top shape.

Wendy Payne, Business Development Manager for Simply Woodcare by Haymes, shares her insider tips for DIY deck cleaning and finishing

3 image

It all starts with a solid foundation

Find out what type of timber you’re using and don’t be afraid to ask a Haymes expert for a few recommendations on the perfect way to prepare your timber before applying your desired timber coating.

Weather away

A tip for new timber: allow the wood to weather properly – expose it to sunlight and water over a recommended period of time depending on the timber type. This will remove any surface tannins and natural resins that can affect how the timber finish is absorbed.

After the timber is well weathered, clean it with an oxalic-based wood cleaner, such as Haymes Simply Woodcare Wood Cleaner.

Don’t skimp on tools

Invest in a good-quality brush or applicator – this will make a wealth of difference for long-term deck care and maintenance.

Follow the instructions

It may sound simple, but with DIY projects, it’s always beneficial to ensure you use the correct amount of product per square metre. As a rule thumb, if you’re using a product like Simply Woodcare’s Dexpress, one litre works for 10 square metres of decking. So a 10 litre can will cover 100 square metres with a single coat, or 50 square metres with a twin coat.

Keep up the good work

Don’t let your outdoor entertainment area deteriorate – maintain your deck. Clean the surface area regularly with a mild detergent and keep a lookout for signs that your deck may need a recoat: patchiness or colour deterioration are tell-tale signs. Regular upkeep and maintenance will extend the lifespan of your deck.

With the right product, like Simply Woodcare’sDexpress – an easy-to-use, fast-drying stain – your deck will have a low-lustre, long-lasting finish, protecting it from rain, hail or shine. You’ll have one less thing to worry about, so even when guests show up unannounced, you’ll be able to count on your deck for support, without a peel or crack in sight.


1L Dexpress SW Natural

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